Machu Picchu, Peru

7 Day Trip to PERU – CUSCO, MACHU PICCHU, and more!


DAY 1 & DAY 2 – CUSCO: Arriving in Cusco, we were immediately struck by the beauty of its surrounding mountains and beautiful colonial buildings.

At elevation 11200 feet (3400 meters) adjusting to the altitude takes a toll and we all have headaches. It took a few days to adjust and during that time we explored the city and its multiple cafes serving fresh and superb, traditional as well as fusion South American Cuisine.

The city is brimming with tourists, groups and young solo travelers from around the world. We learn that Cusco was the historic Capital of the Inca Empire from the 13th to 16th. Many buildings in the city are built on the top of the original Inca rock foundations, along aqueducts and sacred Puma statutes.

We explored the city and visited the Machu Picchu museum, the Chock Museum, The Museum of Textiles and the Museum de Arte Precolombino. We were amazed to learn how the temple of the God of the Son stood all covered in gold and silver and where citizens worshipped.





DAY 3 – HUACAHUASI: We explored and hiked the Lares Valley with a local guide. We started at elevation 10170 feet (3100 meters) and hiked through serene lush hills and valleys up to the weavers village of Huacahuasi at 12303 feet (3750 meters) where we camped for the night surrounded by llamas and alpacas.

DAY 4 – IPSAYCOCHA PASS & PATACANCHA VILLAGE: The next morning we continued our hike, with our local guide and our camping and food supplies, with a help of two horses and their owner across and over an Ipsaycocha Pass at 14400 feet (4400 meters).

The air is very thin but we are well adjusted and have no breathing issues. The area is unbelievably beautiful with green hills, high altitude potatoes farms and running streams, surrounded by misty peaks.

We reached Patacancha village, famous for its weavers and textile makers. We bought beautiful llama and alpaca yarns from them.

Huacahuasi village (12303 feet/3750m) is known for its high altitude potato farming, weaving alpaca and lama wool, and serene beauty, surrounded by running streams! Cusco, Peru

The Lares Valley Trek: passing through weavers villages, lush greens and running streams.

We are amazed by the mastery of Mr. Eduardo Aquino’s Pottery Work using traditional Inca Technique of polishing the pottery pieces with local river rocks. City of Ollantaytambo, road to Machu Picchu, Peru!


DAY 5 – OLLANTAYTAMBO: The next morning we traveled to the unique city of Ollantaytambo where there is an Inca Fortress and many local artisans making pottery the traditional Inca way. Majority of the local people speak both Spanish and Quechua.

DAY 6 – AQUAS CALIENTES: We took a train to Aquas Calientes and stayed at a local hotel.

We woke up at 3 am the next morning to be on the first bus to Machu Picchu, which gets there for the opening of the gates at 6 am.

DAY 7 MACHU PICCHU – built during the Pachacuti reign in 1450, the royal estate has 3000 steps until reaching the top. The morning mists rising from Urubamba river make the scenery mystical, spiritual and unbelievably beautiful.


High in the Andes Mountains, built in the 15th century and later abandoned, it’s renowned for its sophisticated dry-stone walls.


We visit local markets and learn that there are 3000 varieties of local potatoes, the soil is super fertile and grows abundance of fruits and vegetables.



January – Trujillo Marinera Festival – Trujillo, Peru

February – Fiesta de la Candelaria – Puno, Peru

March – Festival Internacional de la Vendimia –  The Ica Region of Peru

April – Festividad del Señor del los Temblores del Cusco –  Cusco, Peru

May – Fiesta de las Cruces –  throughout Peru

June – Inti Raymi –  Cusco, Peru

July – Fiesta de la Virgen del Carmen –  Cusco, Peru

August – Peru de Santa Rosa de Lima – throughout Peru

September – Mistura Culinary Festival – Lima

October – Procesión del Señor de los Milagros – Lima

November – Puno Week – Puno

December – Santuranticuy – Cusco

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