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As a family, we love to travel to locations and cultural events around the world. We passionately share our travel adventures, discoveries, expertise, tips and resources. We hope you enjoy the non-commercial, traditional and cultural trips we take and  you takeaway an awesome itinerary of  ideas for your own bucket-list / travel adventures!

Meet Annie

Hi and Welcome! I’m so happy to connect with you. As a family, we strive to explore, learn, and share traditions and customs of the unique places we have traveled thus we named our site “Preserve Your Culture”. Preserve Your Culture is about traveling to locations around the world and sharing it with the online community. We offer links and resources to cultural events worldwide. We represent a diverse mix of cultures. Annie and Enrique both have ethnic roots from multiple regions in Europe, and North and South America. They moved to Los Angeles to raise a family with their two children, Cindy and Kevin. Traditions in cooking and lifestyle from both parents meshed in our household, for example eating Bulgarian food while listening to Latin music. Living in Los Angeles, exposed us to an unique diversity of cultures eating all types of foods that inspired us to travel to the location where the dish originated from. In the merging of our own traditions, we were inspired to broaden our understanding and appreciation of cultures through learning about their history, way of life, and cuisine. We are passionate about our culture, traditions, art, and celebrate our history. Just like weavers use textiles to weave tales about life, our site weaves stories and provides resources about cultures to be remembered and appreciated. Through family travel we witnessed how so many cultures worldwide use yogurt to rejuvenate and beautify skin. Thus Yogurt Glamour skincare and soap was created in our garage. Through its business model, Yogurt Glamour brings to the market high-quality, eco-friendly, yogurt infused products while partnering with organizations around the world to improve communities, sustain biodiversity and help protect wildlife habitats. ​

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Preserve Your Culture is about travel locations around the world and supporting communities and biodiversity projects. Inspired by family travel Annie developed Yogurt Glamour a yogurt infused skincare and soap brand.

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