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Meet Annie

Hi, I’m Annie! I’m married to Enrique, in the merging of our own ethnic roots and traditions, we were inspired to explore and appreciate other cultures.

Through family travel we witnessed how so many cultures worldwide use yogurt to rejuvenate and beautify skin. Thus Yogurt Glamour skincare and soap was created in our garage.

Through its business model, Yogurt Glamour brings to the market high-quality, eco-friendly, yogurt infused products while partnering with organizations around the world to improve communities, sustain biodiversity and help protect wildlife habitats.

We travel to locations and cultural events around the world
We passionately share with you, our adventures, discoveries, tips and resources.

Recent Trips

Cancun, Mexico

Cancun, Mexico

Located on the Eastern end of the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico, Cancun is one of the most beautiful locations in the Caribbean.

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Yogurt Glamour Skincare & Soap

 Premium, natural, yogurt-infused skincare and soaps inspired by our travels. For centuries, many cultures have used yogurt to rejuvenate and beautify skin.

Yogurt Goodness in Every Product

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Preserve Your Culture is about travel locations around the world and supporting communities and biodiversity projects. Inspired by family travel Annie developed Yogurt Glamour a yogurt infused skincare and soap brand.

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